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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Winning Sports Plays?

Winning Sports Plays is a professional sports service website, consistently Ranked #1 for performance. We are not a sportsbook or bookmaker, we are a commercial website that sells sports picks, predictions and betting advice, known as "picks" or "tips". We consider the sports betting market to be a stock market, not a game. It is for making investments with the goal of making profits. Since 98% of sports bettors lose money, they definitely need professional help and guidance in order to be profitable. Our Experts are the best professional handicappers that are a part of the 2% of winning bettors. Every day our team of Experts provide the best picks supported by proprietary predictive models, logical reasoning, performance indicators and insider trends few know. Our Experts have proven they have a real edge over the bookmaker, delivering long-term profits few can match.

How long have you been in business?

Winning Sports Plays (WSP) has been in business almost 20 years, including more than 16 on the web!

How is your Company different from other companies?

Winning Sports Plays is unlike any other Sports Service in the industry. We are a Professional Company committed to your success as a Sports Investor. Our Team of Advisors were brought together because their specialities compliment one another, resulting in very little overlap in terms of picks issued to paid members. Our Team of Advisors are true Professionals who adhere to the highest standard of ethics and have consistently delivered superior results over the long-term.

Our Team of Advisors is committed to providing you with:
  • Professionalism, Respect, Honesty & Integrity
  • Best Daily Picks and Score Predictions
  • Late Breaking Info Picks
  • Insider Trends few have access to
  • Custom betting recommendations
  • 100% Transparency
  • Best Results at the Lowest Prices
  • Unrivaled Customer Service

Winning Sports Plays is for SERIOUS PLAYERS looking for SERIOUS RESULTS!

If professionalism, respect, honesty, integrity and transparency are important to you then we are your answer!

Become a Member today!

How do I create an account?

You can create a free account or choose an advisor from the nav bar above and subscribe to one of their services.

Why must I provide personal information?

Certain information like name, address, etc. is required only when you buy picks. This inofrmation identifies the buyer and is required to satisfy the "Know Your Customer" laws. We will not use or share your personal data with anyone (see our Private Policy).

Which payment options are available to me?

Our platform currently allows payment by Paypal and all major credit and debit cards including prepaid cards. We DO NOT accept cash, bank wires, or money transfers using Western Union or MoneyGram.

How and when do I receive the Picks I paid for?

Upon successful completion of your order you will receive picks via email and by logging into your member account at our website. You also have the option to receive picks-by-text too! We do our best to release all picks as early as possible and, at minimum, one hour before the first games start.

How many Picks per day can I expect?

Typically we release 1-5 picks daily per sport. The total number of picks will always depend on the number of sports and games available each day. Keep in mind our advisors only release the best picks daily.

Do you offer any guarantees?

All subscriptions are backed by a guarantee which may entitle you to a refund, credit or additional days of picks on the house. Our guarantees are clearly stated and always honored promptly.

What is your betting strategy?

J.R. Stevens employs a strategy that is designed to reduce risk while increasing return potential and IT WORKS! For 20 years he has generated significant profits for his customers and few, if any, can match his results. During his time in the industry many services have tried to implement similar strategies but none are as successful as his.

J.R.'s strategy involves splitting the bet amount for a game between the spread and moneyline in Football and Basketball, the moneyline, runline and/or alternate runline in Baseball, and the moneyline, puckline and/or alternate puckline in Hockey. The total amount played represents 100% for that pick but is split between the two based on his recommendation. This is partly how we reduce risk and increase return potential. For tracking purposes the bet is graded based on the overall outcome of the bet.

Team +7 Risk 1110 to win 1000 Team Moneyline +300 Risk 500 to win 1500

SCENARIO 1: Team loses the game by more than 7 points Bet Result: Team +7 loses 1100 and Moneyline +300 loses 500 Bet Profit/Loss: (1,600) Pick Result: LOSS

SCENARIO 2: Team loses the game by less than 7 points but doesn't win the game Bet Result: Team +7 wins 1000 but Moneyline +300 loses 500 Bet Profit/Loss: +500 Pick Result: WIN

SCENARIO 3: Team wins the game Bet Result: Team +7 wins 1000 and Moneyline +300 wins 1500 Bet Profit/Loss: +2,500 Pick Result: WIN

Britney DeLuca reduces risk by focusing on small favorites, small underdogs and totals. For nearly 10 years she, too, has generated significant profits for her customers and consistently ranks in the Top 10 of all sports categories and time periods. Ms. DeLuca uses a flat-betting system which also aides in reducing overall risk.

Arian Bhardi reduces risk by focusing on the best opportunities inside the most profitable leagues. For over 7 years, more than 3 as a Professional, he has also generated significant profits for his customers and has been internationally recognized for his performance. Like Ms. DeLuca, Mr. Bhardi also uses a flat-betting system to aide in reducing overall risk.

What kind of rating system do you use for your picks?

Our Experts only issue the highest-rated picks daily and nothing more. All picks can be played with the highest level of confidence but each day our Experts also designate one pick as the "strongest of the strong". These "Top Plays of the Day" have become some of the most highly sought after picks in the industry because they hit at the highest rate.

    J.R. Stevens Picks are designated as follows (highest-to-lowest):
  • Game of the Year
  • Late Breaking Info
  • Game of the Month
  • Game of the Week
  • Play of the Day
  • VIP Pick
    Britney DeLuca Picks are designated as follows (highest-to-lowest):
  • All-Star Banger Play of the Year
  • All-Star Banger Play
  • Hot Pick of the Month
  • Hot Pick of the Week
  • Hot Pick of the Day
  • Hot Pick

Are your Picks documented?

Our Picks are 100% transparent - always have been and always will be! All Picks are date/time stamped and can be viewed on our website 20 minutes after the games start. We also provide all records for all sports, showing the date of event, selection made and the win/loss results. We don't just show you the last 10 or 50 picks or just the winners - WE SHOW YOU EVERYTHING! Again, we have nothing to hide! Our results are also reviewed and audited by an independent 3rd party and, to our knowledge, we are the only company that does this! For a full summary of our Pick History & Detailed Results please visit the respective advisors "results" page you wish to view.

    A quick note about our results:
  • Our results are 100% transparent and easy to follow and verify.
  • Picks are tracked using $1,000 as the base amount, which is industry protocol
  • The total profit assumes you play every pick we release, and exactly as issued

How are your rankings determined?

We have compiled a list of sports monitors that track results. We track those sources daily and our results are measured against their reported numbers. Our rankings are then determined by the outcome of the comparison. Since our results always represent 100% of our picks issued to clients we must assume picks entered by handicappers at sports monitors represents 100% of their picks issued to clients.

Why don’t you use third party monitoring sites?

During our career we have used many monitoring sites and enjoyed much success during our time with those sites, including many #1 rankings for various sports and/or time periods. However, none served beneficial to us for some of the following reasons:

  • Cannot accommodate our bet style
  • Pick limitations preventing full transparency
  • Conflicts-of-interest
  • Lack of business ethics and integrity
  • Pay-to-Play structure creating bias to certain handicappers
  • Evidence of changing/altering handicapper picks

The sad and unfortunate truth is sports monitors use "monitoring" as a creatvie way to sell picks. However, this creates a major conflict of interest and can take away their ability to remain independent and objective. Many so-called sports monitors are owned by Sports Handicappers and are used as ways to profit from selling their competitors picks. Many also use a pay-to-play model where Handicappers become "featured" for a predetermined amount of time in return for large payments. There are two problems with this; 1. the word "featured" is somewhat misleading to the general public and many interpret the word to me "the best" and 2. this is another major conflict of interest because the monitor has a vested interest in keeping those handicappers performance at the top of the rankings. Another potential issue with so-called sports monitors is that few handicappers actually have 100% of their picks monitored by them, making the monitors rankings unreliable.

For reasons stated above Winning Sports Plays took action to bring transparency and integrity to the highest level by having all results independently audited and verified. We also make all picks available for public viewing 20 minutes after each game starts and we show 100% of our picks history and not just the last 50 or 100 Picks like many competitiors.

Am I allowed to share or resell your picks?

You are not authorized to share, sell or re-distribute our Picks in any way without written permission. Sharing includes, but is not limited to, emails, newsletters, public forums, blogs, chat rooms, text message and any other method of distribution. Failure to comply with this request is a violation of all copyright laws and is subject to fines, penalties and legal fees. Customers who violate this policy will have their memberships TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT REFUND!

Is your website secure?

Our domain is HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The 'S' at the end of HTTPS stands for 'Secure'. It means all communications between your computer and our website are encrypted. Our website also includes an SSL Certificate which protects you, your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information. Websites that do not use SSL Certificates are not safe!

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

In short, Winning Sports Plays will never share or sell your information for any reason! We comply with all FTC CAN-SPAM Act rules. NO SPAM. NO HASSLE. UNSUBSCRIBE ANYTIME. If you wish you may review our Privacy Policy here.

Do you have a phone number I can call?

Winning Sports Plays is not a phone service. Due to the large number of inquiries it is quicker and easier for us to respond to questions and communicate with our clients via email. We pride ourselves on providing the quickest response times in the industry! Questions? Comments? Email us!


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